2010 2020 Day by Day series

The Day by Day cloths

These cloths reference the tradition of stitching Kantha cloths in West Bengal and Bangladesh, by piecing together of bits of discarded fabric to make a double-sided cloth, held together with running stitch. Unlike traditional Kantha, they are not pictorial but patterned in an ad-hoc sort of way in blocks of running stitch that reference the pattern of piecing on both sides of the cloth. The small books that accompany each cloth record musings about the day’s activities and random thoughts that arise through the process of stitching. They give material form to the transient events and thoughts that accompany daily life; an accumulation of moments day by day.

Kay Lawrence, July 2019

Day by Day Japanese cloths 1
Day by Day Japanese Cloths 1
Day by Day Japanese Cloths 2 front
Day by Day Japanese Cloths 2
Day by Day side1
Day by Day

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